The Breeze and how art is more truthful than journalism.

In journalism, my favorite part was the truth, but after working at our college’s student-run newspaper, I saw everything but, including: 1) picking topics based on subjective feelings of the Editor in Chief and likeminded editorial team, 2) picking aesthetics based on the “art director” who was selected by staying in community college too long and also being a payed student worker who took one graphic design class and used that to defend his position and authority as art director and chief, and, finally, 3) eliminating articles that did not express / serve their community college minded idea of diversity.

They all get their news from the same sources, and as soon as I (the only BA holder with at least 5 more years of writing and researching and life experience than the next “top dog”) express a point, the team is ready with an irrelevant rebuttal that only vaguely applies, such as when I express my dislike for a cover art (which is designed by the same person every semester for 3+ years). I was immediately asked if “I had taken as many graphic design courses as them”, to which I replied that art is subjective and how I never bring my own BA in Psychology from a UC into play even when it would be relevant. That time my counter rebuttal was accepted, but nothing to change the cover was done.

And so, I literally dropped out of college over PC culture bullying me into their opinions. No, not from one or two or three incidents / insults to my intelligence. Though, I must say, as different as I think from them I don’t look very different. I get mistaken for gay daily and it probably has something to do with my fashion sense, as I may be starting the trend of blue / red / whatever rainbow hair in the pc culture opposing party. Opposing only because free speech and PC don’t relate… I always try to see perspectives, and do and understand, but never do they try to understand mine.

They feel entitled to being right no matter how little their research. God forbid you’re Armenian or something they haven’t heard of so that they also identify you as the majority. Lol. Sure I have pale skin, but so do Latinos, muslims, and even some black people are lighter than me (but ok I get that argument doesn’t work, but in terms of defending my paleness, wtf). They pick and choose what I am, depending on the argument/topic (lean to white for me since that is the easiest way to cut my opinion out. I actually sympathize with white people now, and I haven’t even been invited to a nice white party or have a trust fund or old money or been an American citizen longer than my own generation).

They think they are bringing diversity, but they’re just fat and insecure and do everything in their power to hide those truths from surfacing, especially in their college paper articles. I gave up journalism (through schooling) this semester because of it. My teacher, who is super intelligent and actually progressive, always defended, or was more sympathetic for, them, because she cares for their baby feelings, but would still only indirectly tell them the truth, just not directly to them, so they wouldn’t think it was for them.

For example, one time she google checked me live during an editor’s meeting as the whole team questioned me on the claim o whether February really was Armenian art month (especially since it’s also Black History month, and recognizing Armenian heritage and culture would apparently deter attention from that), and, if it was, then October couldn’t possibly be art history month. But then, with April being genocide memorial month and May being Independence Day/month, they lost their shit and couldn’t believe it when our professor live google checked that I was right. So I slammed the door and barged out and told them to do whatever they wanted in regards to publishing.

And then… they still try to pull the racist card on me, because one time I asked if “I should be allowed to say ‘my nigga’ to my brother at home”. I had to apologize to two black female students who never cared to hear my say to begin with; one of whom didn’t accept the apology at all, with satisfaction in her eyes.

My teacher insisted it would be professional, so I did. She also told me I can have more freedom in poetry/ art versus professionalism required in journalism. And so, I began to focus much more on art, as it has become the only venue of and for truth.

  • Kris Tash
  • @krisdapper


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